Antique & Collectables Sale
on Sunday 11th February 2018

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1.      Boxed cutlery set with cutlery 22 x 48 x 32cm £40-80
2.      Silver pepper and mustard and plated condiment £20-30
3.      5 Georgian silver teaspoons with stag head motif. 2 by John Henry Lias London 1847 and 3 by William Theobold London 1829 £40-75
5.      Silver trophy and a spelter ash tray £10-20
6.      Walnut 2 draw cutlery cabinet on cabriole legs with fitted cutlery included 80x70x50cm £95-145
7.      Silver Victorian hand mirror depicting cherubs with bevelled glass £70-95
8.      Silver dressing table tray. 28 x 18cm £125-180
9.      Charles II 1683 silver crown in mount £80-120
10.     Elizabeth R silver pendant with authenticity £10-20
11.     A silver hand held magnifying glass £40-50
12.     A silver spoon and a tea strainer £10-20
13.     Silver centre dish with designer signature to base 34x25x10cm 786gm £345-365
14.     A silver stamp case with embossed decoration £40-60
15.     A silver boot vesta case £50-70
16.     Silver pill box with enamel lid bearing Masonic emblem £40-60
17.     Silver and emerald set dog brooch £40-50
18.     Silver plated vesta case in the form of a penguin £40-60
19.     Silver Victorian style pin cushion in the form of a shoe £40-50
20.     Cast silver figure of a lion £40-50
21.     Unusual silver dog whistle £40-50
22.     Silver clam shell jewelers casket £60-80
23.     Silver cat pincushion £40-50
24.     Engelhard replica 10 ounce bar £5-10
25.     Small collection of Ancient coins and cap badges, Crowns etc £10-20
26.     Boxed set of fish knives and forks
27.     Ladies silver fashion ring £10-15
28.     Pair of Silver bon bon dishes £55-75
29.     Silver pair table peppers £50-85
30.     Ladies silver fashion ring £10-15
31.     Silver Art Nouveau Tazza. Hallmarked Sheffield 1912 £195-250
32.     Ladies silver fashion ring £10-15
33.     Silver Plated desk ink stand with inkwells and Hind figures £90-140
33A.    Silver Capstan Inkwell. Hallmarked 1912 £85-120
34.     Ladies silver fashion ring £10-15
34A.    Tortoise & Silver Bowl. Hallmarked Birmingham 1929 £80-120
35.     Good collection pre QEII English stamps to include many Penny Reds and 2d Blue in red album £40-60
35A.    Pair of silver pin dishes, hallmarked Birmingham 1929 £45-70
36.     Bisque jug with marks to the base £10-30
36A.    Walker & Hall 10" silver plated center piece
37.     Australian vintage stamp collection in a black album £20-30
37A.    White meatl leather lined purse engraved with a swallow. £40-80
38.     Canadian vintage stamp collection in a black album £20-30
39.     Superb collection of Great Britain stamps in a thick Stanley Gibbons vintage Plymouth album hundreds of stamps from Edward VII to QEII inc overprints ,official issues etc catalogue value in excess £6500 £200-300
40.     Small collection of USA stamps in a brown album £20-30
41.     Queen Victoria 10 x 1d Reds & 4 x 2d blues on stockcard £40-60
42.     Vintage album page containing 16 Queen Victoria Banham Halfpennies Pink and 26 Penny Reds completely un checked/unsorted £50-100
43.     Valuable collection of GB Queen Victoria onwards in Green Simplex Album huge catalogue price excess of £3500 £100-200
44.     Complete collection of German Stamps including Mini sheets 1956-1969 all in a superb Post Office Fresh Mint housed special collectors album £100-200
45.     Superb collection of Penny Reds x 66 on a vintage album page £80-120
46.     Extensive GB collection in a Blue Catalogue £40-60
47.     Three Chinese coral figures £20-40
48.     Chinese glass perfume bottle £20-40
49.     Chinese Ceramic figure in the form of a perfume bottle £20-40
50.     A WW2 gas mask in its metal container £30-40
51.     An assortment of 23 British Army badges and titles £30-40
52.     A Czech Model 58 knife bayonet in its leather scabbard £30-40
53.     A stiletto dagger concealed in a tipstaff with inlaid bone and mother of pearl decoration. Overall length 42cms £30-40
54.     A gilt framed portrait photograph of a Victorian Worcestershire Regiment officer in uniform with his medals 19cms by 14cms overall £10-20
55.     A 1960s Civil Defence scrap book of Certificates named to JE Coombs with related documents and 10 Civil Defence Corps Welfare cloth armbands & 1 pre 1953 Civil Defence Corps armband £30-40
56.     An Army camoflaged CamelBak Individual Hydration System and an Amunition Grab Bag £20-30
57.     Three reproduction WW1 Princess Mary tins £20-30
58.     A WW2 German water bottle £30-40
59.     An assortment of 10 WW1 & WW2 sweetheart brooches and lapel badges including 19th County of London Regiment - Seaforth Highlanders - Labour Corps - Wiltshire Regiment some of which are in silver £40-50
60.     WW2 Aircraft Compass £20-40
61.     WWI German fuse x3. (1 x Dopp brass, 2 x H214) £50-70
62.     A clip of four British Naval 40mm N2 BOFORS drill rounds 45cms in length £80-100
63.     An impressive 1898 Boer War German brass shell case 50cms tall by 12.5cms diameter at the base £50-80
64.     A military marked British Army wood shafted hatchet or axe 38cms long overall £10-20
65.     A British 1856 pattern Enfield sword bayonet in its steel scabbard. Blade length 58cms £70-100
66.     A Royal Highland Fusiliers cross belt badge and belt buckle £30-40
67.     Two British Army marching compasses £50-60
68.     An officers silver cap badge to the 1st Volunteer Battalion the Wiltshire Regiment £40-50
69.     WWI fuses on wooden bases. 1 x No 80 British and x Dopp z.92 german £50-70
70.     German WWI 77mm shell with adaptor ring, WWI French 75mm with fuse & British WWI 60 pounder with head & fuse £50-70
71.     An unmarked WW1 style officers pocket watch compass £30-40
72.     Two WW1 Imperial German button hooks £20-30
73.     Two plated entrée dish lids engraved Oxton Rifle Club 1926 Presented by R Turner Esq Won by John Beeby £20-30
74.     A Hiltler Youth dagger with steel scabbard. Having the blade etched Blut und Ehre. Overall length 27cms £50-60
75.     An original Royal Navy Red Ensign cotton flag 2.7 metres by 1.35 metres £30-40
76.     An original Egyptian cotton flag 2.15 metres by 1.35 metres £30-40
77.     Two WW1 brass fuzes 6cms diameter a bronze extractor 13cms x 7cms and a cast iron nose cone 6cms diameter £30-40
78.     A German made combination hunting knife with horn handle in its leather scabbard. Marked to the blade DECORA-SOLINGEN MADE IN GERMANY D.B.G.M. Blade length 13cms £30-40
79.     WWI fuses. relic dug up not restored. KZ14 German fuse and HZ14 German fuse £40-60
80.     German shells. 77mm and German Howitzer shells with fuses £50-70
81.     Two Royal Air Force survival knives one with a plastic grip 20.5cms overall length with the other having a cork grip 25cms overall length £10-20
82.     A pewter Centurion tank desk ornament. The tank is 10cms long including the barrel £30-40
83.     Three original WW2 Airgraph letters dated 1942 & 1944 addressed to Gertrude Malcolm of Aberdeen from 118467 Sergeant McDonald of the Tank Transport Company £10-20
84.     Thirty nine original WW2 snapshot photographs showing French infantry £10-20
85.     A WW1 trench art ashtray and matchbox holder - decorated with a German Iron Cross and No.82 Prisoner of War Komp. 14cms high by 8cms diameter £30-40
86.     Two 18th century Persian Khyber knives 38cms and 29cms overall lengths £40-50
87.     A large amount of Masonic regalia including Jewels Books Certificates and two Staves all in three leather cases £80-100
88.     Two early socket bayonets 55cms and 51cms overall lengths £30-40
89.     A WW2 Royal Navy medal group of four including the Atlantic Star with a souvenir embroidery of Egypt 1944 £40-50
90.     WWI German fuses. GRZ Fuse and Dopp Z.92 nf with shrapnel ball £30-50
91.     WWI Brass fuses British 102 Fise British No85 German HZ14. 1915 £40-60
92.     A quantity of old coins medals and medallions including a 2014 Jersey D Day £5 coin £20-30
93.     Two Kukris in scabbards £20-30
94.     An early 20th century Bristol Constabulary B89 Police helmet badge 12cms by 9cms £30-40
95.     A late Victorian red leather Desk Tidy with all original contents. Marked with RD 210442 number to the clasp. 38cms by 30cms closed and 38cms by 64cms open £30-40
96.     A Victorian Swiss model 1867 Cavalry troopers sword in its steel scabbard with leather hanger. Makers name to the blade Waffenfabrik Neuhausen with the Swiss cross. Serial number to the blade 6414 06 and Regimental number to the knuckleguard V819. Blade length 82cm £150-180
97.     A WW1 trench art ashtray standing on three bullet legs made from a German FR Neumeyer of Nurnberg 1915 shell case. Height 11cms by 9cms diameter £20-30
98.     A WW2 Royal Engineers medal group of five including the Italy Africa and France & Germany Stars with a 1945 printed letter from Lieutenant General RL McCreery thanking 571 Field Company R.E. for their part whilst attached to the 8th Army £50-70
99.     A 1937 cloth backed Ordnance Survey Aviation Map showing Air Ministry Aerodromes in the Eastern Counties £30-40
100.    WWII German King Tiger shell case Relic dug up £50-70
101.    WWI British Brass fuses. 0 & 83 £30-50
102.    A WW1 French cruciform blade bayonet in its steel scabbard. Blade length 34cms £30-40
103.    A Victorian Yorkshire Regiment sword belt with buckle £60-80
104.    A WW1 Royal Naval Air Service medal named to F.37610 J. GATES. A.M.2. R.N.A.S. £30-40
105.    Three Asian Jambiyas 43cms 29cms & 26cms long overall £40-50
106.    A 1930s Nestor Knight in Armour fireside companion set. Has a replaced brush head otherwise 100% original with RD Numbers to the base and the head of the halberd which is the poker. 84cms high overall £120-150
107.    A stunning framed and glazed Victorian silk embroidery to the Ross-Shire Buffs 72nd Regiment of Foot the Duke of Albanys Seaforth Highlanders. 65cms by 49cms overall. £80-100
108.    A WW1 brass matchbox cover having in raised relief Farewell from the Womens Branch 1914 1918 Bombay Presidency War and Relief Fund £20-30
109.    A WW1 medal trio named to 20932 Sergeant H. Holdforth of the York & Lancaster Regiment £70-80
110.    WWI British fuses No 85 & 101 £30-50
111.    A Southampton Air Raid Precautions membership card with an Active Service Gospel of St John and a WW2 Defence Medal £10-20
112.    Two large format photographs mounted on card 37 x 34cms of WW2 Motor Torpedo Boats MTB 30 & MTB 81 and an original 1942 press photograph of a Swedish sailor standing guard on the battleship Gustaf V £20-30
113.    A Royal Green Jackets Parade bayonet and belt. Consisting of a 1913 chrome plated Remington bayonet in a black patent leather scabbard with chromed mounts. A black plastic frog and belt with Light Infantry badge to frog and Royal Green Jackets badge to belt buckle £120-150
114.    An ARP Air Raid Precautions anti-gas training certificate named to Miss AE James with her WW2 Defence Medal and For Loyal Service badge £10-20
115.    A complete inert WW1 German artillery shell. Overall height 16.5cms by 4.5cms diameter at the base £20-30
116.    A Royal Artillery mess dress uniform consisting of Jacket Trousers Waistcoat and Cummerbund £10-20
117.    A WW1 Victory Medal named to 2nd Lieutenant H.M. Gimson with the lid of the medal box £15-20
118.    An AK47 knife bayonet with wire cutter in its scabbard. Blade length 14cms £30-40
119.    Three original MOD Crown Copyright colour photographs of King Hussein inspecting the troops. 15 x 10cms £10-20
120.    3 Fuses. " x KZ14 Relic and cut in half with British No 80/44 relic fuse £20-40
121.    A WW1 medal trio named to 18187 Private F. Cox of the Hampshire Regiment £70-80
122.    An assortment of seven European military Medals including a rare French Escapees Medal awarded for a successful escape from a POW camp £50-60
123.    A 1925 Woolwich Garrison boxing medallion and a 1928 Royal Corps of Signals 66 Drills silver medal £20-30
124.    A model 1866 French sabre bayonet in its steel scabbard with matching serial numbers Z181005. Marked St Etienne 1873 to the back of the blade. Blade length 57.5cms £40-60
125.    A WW2 Royal Engineers medal group of five including the France & Germany Star with posting box and certificate to CJ Brockhurst and a hand carved Royal Engineers wall plaque 25cms x 29cms £50-60
126.    Six French military medals from WW1 and WW2 £30-40
127.    An assortment of seven large format British Army and Royal Air Force photographs. The smallest being 30cms by 19cms £20-30
128.    Five WW1 trench art British Army helmets formed from Penny coins - one for each year of the war from 1914 to 1918 £10-20
129.    A WW1 medal pair named to 41872 Private A.D. Hosier of the Manchester Regiment £30-40
130.    A framed and glazed woolwork embroidery of the badge of the 12th County of London Regiment The Rangers. 60cms by 54cms £10-20
131.    A WW2 Royal Air Force medal group of four including the France & Germany Star with his cap badge posting box and certificate to 1611738 LAC W Windebank of Southampton - plus three books the Rudiments of Aircraft Recognition - We Speak from the Air and War Time Prayers £40-50
132.    A vintage Railway Lamp 32cms high £10-20
133.    Assorted medals an India General Service Medal name erased - Civil Defence Long Service Medal - Kuwaiti Liberation Medal and a Pakistan Independence Medal named to MTN 748768 SEP IBRAHIM RPASC MT £40-50
134.    A WW1 medal pair named to 58359 Private FW Coombes of the South Wales Borderers £70-80
135.    A model 1866 French sabre chrome plated Dress bayonet in its chromed steel scabbard. Very low serial number to scabbard 305. Indistinct Arsenal and date to the back of the blade. Blade length 56.5cms. Pitting to blade and scabbard £40-60
136.    A large quantity of assorted lapel badges and military sweetheart brooches £10-20
137.    A James Purdey & Sons Gun and Rifle Manufacturers Oxford St London paperweight 10cms x 7cms x 2cms and a vintage brass 12 bore cartridge puller £25-30
138.    A WW2 Royal Air Force casualty medal group of five posthumously awarded to 185187 Pilot Officer Kenneth William Watson of the RAFVR who died on the 28th December 1944 with supporting medal certificate and numerous photographs £120-150
139.    Two WW2 British No.4 Mk II spike bayonets for the Enfield rifle in their steel scabbards £20-30
140.    An 1812 model US Cavalry sabre in its steel scabbard. makers name to the blade N. STARR with inspectors mark P HPP. Having a replacement wooden grip. Blade length 86cms £150-200
141.    German military gun sight or range finder possibly WWI £50-70
142.    A silver topped Boys Brigade swagger stick with a photograph £25-35
143.    Brass Navigation Compass £50-80
144.    Porcupine calling card case £40-60
145.    Victorian circa 1890 pond yacht, gaff rigged, hollow hull. 170 x 180cm £300-400
146.    Atari Game control Center and 8 games £40-70
147.    2 Glass decanters £20-40
148.    Pair of Onyx table lamps £20-40
149.    twin handled vase. 37cm tall £20-40
150.    Two silver Victorian brooches engraved to 1837 JUBILEE 1887 and SUTTON HOUSE GUILDFORD. Both are approximately 35mm diameter £20-30
151.    Sterling silver and enamel brooch £20-30
152.    9ct gold brooch £30-50
153.    carved tray and one other £10-20
154.    Mixed qty of glassware to include crystal glasses £10-20
155.    Collection of Victorian glass £10-20
156.    Royal Winton Grimwades 6 place tea set £0-20
157.    Collection of brass fireside items £10-20
158.    Large quantity of 'Royal Doulton Old Colony' dinner service including Tureens £40-70
159.    Mixed box of brass to include an Islamic tray £10-20
160.    9ct gold Ladies green fashion emerald style ring size N £40-60
161.    9ct gold Ladies Amethyst ring size N £45-65
162.    18ct white gold square cut diamond solitaire ring. Total 0.4CT. Size M £230-260
163.    9ct White gold Diamond and Aquamarine bracelet £135-155
164.    Yellow metal test gold Artillery broach £45-65
165.    Silver charm bracelet and 14 charms £55-75
166.    Silver coin bracelet ,charm bracelet , and silver bracelet £50-70
167.    Silver dog tag necklace ,silver tag bracelet . £35-55
168.    9ct gold Ladies 5 stone ring size O £50-70
169.    9ct white gold Ladies Sapphire 7 stone bar ring size P £40-60
170.    Silver charm bracelet and 10 charms £40-60
171.    6 Seiko watches with tags from the receivers £20-40
172.    A pair of opal and stud earrings £20-40
173.    Substantial spider sapphire and CZ brooch £50-70
174.    Mix silver loose charms £15-25
175.    A pair of silver designer style earrings £20-30
176.    Silver fashion ring antique set amethyst centre stone size L £10-20
177.    A silver CZ and rub lite pendant necklace £20-40
178.    18ct gold set Malachite bracelet £180-240
179.    Silver and gold mounted substantial moonstone ring £20-40
180.    Pair of silver CZ and opal drop earrings £30-40
181.    14ct gold Ladies Diamond and Sapphire ring size N £90-110
182.    9ct gold Ladies antique garnet ring size P £55-75
183.    Silver charm bracelet and 11 charms £40-60
184.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms £30-50
185.    Brass cased miniature carriage clock with porcelain panels £150-180
186.    6 Seiko watches with tags from the receivers £20-40
187.    Silver Reni Nance style pendant necklace inset with rubies £50-70
188.    15ct gold Morning broach set with pearls £85-105
189.    A long row of freshwater pearls in the designer style £100-140
190.    9ct gold Ladies Garnet set ring size O £50-70
191.    14ct White gold diamond bracelet of approx 3.5ct £1850-2200
192.    Pair of silver onyx and marcasite Cartier style panther earrings with ruby eyes £30-50
193.    Silver fashion ring with quarts diamond cut stone size T £15-35
194.    Pair of silver CZ and opal earrings £30-50
195.    Pearl double bracelet £10-20
196.    18ct gold Ladies Diamond and Ruby ring size N £125-145
197.    Pair of silver cufflinks £30-50
198.    9ct gold Ladies Peridot and Pink Topaz sweep ring size N £70-90
199.    Ladies 14k art deco style cocktail ring Approx. 90 Diamonds approx4.5ct Size L £2000-3200
200.    9ct gold Ladies Peridot Diamond centre ring size N £40-60
201.    6 Seiko watches with tags from the receivers £20-40
202.    9ct gold Ladies Diamond set Sapphire necklace and chain £85-105
203.    Silver Faberge style egg shaped pendant necklace in the form of a locket with an emerald cabouchon £50-70
204.    Silver charm bracelet and 18 charms £55-75
205.    Silver and CZ pendant necklace in the form of a snow flake £20-30
206.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms £40-60
207.    Silver and plique a jour dragon fly brooch £40-60
208.    18ct gold Ladies Diamond and Sapphire cluster ring size Q £125-145
209.    Pretty silver and enamel set Art Nouveau style pendant necklace £50-60
210.    9ct gold Ladies Topaz set ring size N £55-75
211.    18ct white gold Diamond pendant necklace on 9ct white gold chain hallmarked 0.6ct dia £255-300
212.    9ct gold Ladies Diamond set necklace and chain £85-105
213.    Silver charm bracelet and 6 charms £50-70
214.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms £40-60
215.    9ct white gold ladies diamond ring centre stone 0.10ct diamond shoulder size P £130-230
216.    9ct gold Ladies Sapphire set ring size N £70-90
217.    9ct gold Ladies Garnet set Diamond shoulder ring size N £60-80
218.    9ct gold Ladies Diamond and Emerald sweep ring size T £60-80
219.    Silver charm bracelet and 9 charms £35-55
220.    Silver solitaire fashion ring size L £10-20
221.    18ct gold Ladies Diamond and sapphire ring size N £125-145
222.    18ct White Gold Sapphire and diamond ring of approx 1.1ct. Size M £400-450
223.    Silver charm bracelet and 12 charms £30-50
224.    Impressive 18ct white gold single stone diamond ring of 1.1ct approx. Size N £1850-2250
225.    18ct gold Ladies 5 stone Diamond ring size M £125-145
226.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms £35-55
227.    Fine rose gold and diamond half eternity ring of 75 points. Size M £800-900
228.    Silver CZ and opal ring £30-40
229.    Platinum Ladies Diamond solitaire ring approx 0.5ct size L £395-550
230.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms £40-60
231.    6 Seiko watches with tags from the receivers £20-40
232.    Silver Quarts set fashion ring size P £10-20
233.    18ct white gold pear shaped emerald and diamond cluster ring of 95 points approx. Size T £600-700
234.    18ct gold ladies Solitaire Baguette diamond ring hallmarked 0.6ct size P £490-600
235.    Silver and marcasite snake pendant necklace with rub lite eye £40-50
236.    Loose silver charms £20-40
237.    Art Deco silver CZ and opal panelled ring £20-40
239.    18ct gold Ladies diamond shape diamond ring size N £225-350
240.    4 Georgian mahogany parlor chairs with turned front legs and padded seats £40-60
241.    18ct white gold five stone diamond ring of 1.9ct approx. Size M £200-2500
242.    18ct white gold single stone diamond ring of 1.75ct. Size O £2750-3500
243.    Pair of white gold diamond stud earrings of 1.1ct
244.    18ct white gold princess cut diamond ring of approx 1ct. Size M £1850-2250
245.    Georgian twin door double corner cupboard with brass hinges and handles £50-80
246.    14ct gold ladies 16 diamond bracelet round brilliant cuts length 18.5cm 1.6k diamonds £950-1250
247.    14ct yellow gold amethyst and diamond ring. Size O £500-600
248.    Silver and plique a jour dolphin brooch £40-50
249.    18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond pendant necklace on gold chain £600-700
250.    Collection of coinage to include Crowns, Churchill and others £20-30
251.    Collection of Disneyana £10-20
252.    14ct white gold diamond pendant necklace of 48 points £500-550
253.    Kaiser Bisque Vase. No 1348-2. 25cm £20-40
254.    14ct yellow gold diamond star shaped pendant necklace £300-350
255.    Pair of silver and marcasite impressive drop earrings in the Art deco style £40-50
256.    Pair of Kaiser Bisque vases. Signed to Base. No. 0354 £30-50
256A.   Beswick Red Setter on plinth £45-70
257.    Shelf of mix media reading material some reference £5-10
257A.   Royal Doulton Symphony Figure. HN2287. Limited Edition of 750 £45-70
258.    Kaiser Bisque Floral Design Vase. Signed to the Base. No 1350. £20-40
258A.   Royal Doulton Figures. Autumn Breeze (HN1934) and The Ermine Coat (HN 1981) £35-50
259.    Mix collection of books some reference £5-10
259A.   Wedgewood Jasperware clock garniture with British GWO movement. £45-70
260.    Shelf of mixed books some vintage £5-10
261.    2 Sydney E Wilson Signed Mezzo prints of a young boy and 1 of a woman with impressed watermarks £100-300
263.    2 Sydney E Wilson Signed Mezzo prints of children with impressed watermark in gilt frames £100-300
264.    Art Nouveau Mahogany bedside lamp cupboard 80x40x40cm £20-40
265.    Rosewood Pembroke Table on pedestal base with brass claw castors and single end draw 70x110x60cm £80-120
266.    Paul Ronson Oil on Board. Sound of the Gull Fanad. 84 x 114 £40-60
267.    Heavily Carved Cabriole Leg Dining Table with Central Leaf. 75 x 180 x 123cm £190-280
268.    Mahogany piano stool £10-20
269.    Signed Vintage Indenture 17/10/1803 70x55cm £10-20
270.    3d painting on glass depicting horses and dogs in a Winter scene in a burr Walnut frame £10-20
271.    Gilt frame Ltd Edition print "Lynx" by Eric Tenney signed and emboss mark 85x70cm £20-30
272.    Watercolour "Stonebridge" by K S Todd signed 90x60cm £20-40
273.    Oil on canvas Woodland scene signed R Danford 60x50cm £20-30
274.    Oil on canvas Woodland at Autumn indistinctly signed to bottom left hand corner 60x50cm £20-30
275.    Shell Diarama in in glass dome frame 60x40cm £20-30
276.    The "Thatcher" print by G Morland Published by Norland 1806 85x65cm £30-50
277.    Ltd Edition Print "Desert Orchid" by Maine Cox signed Max1990 £20-30
279.    Beige ground Heriz rug. 190 x 140cm £50-70
280.    Rosewood 3 tier corner whatnot with turned supports 90x45cm £1250-1500
281.    Red Ground Keshan Rug 190 x 140cm £50-70
282.    Noritake dinner / tea service £10-20
283.    Tabriz rug / carpet 100 x 80cm £80-120
284.    Oak drawer leaf table £20-30
285.    Beige / Brown Red Patterned Carpet. 3.3 x 2.5m £90-150
286.    Pair of gilt framed still life prints. 53 x 48cm £20-40
287.    Pair of Tapestry wall hangings 92 x 78cm £40-70
288.    John Dutton signed Oil on Canvas. 62 x 42cm £30-50
289.    Maroon Persian hall rug. 200 x 130cm £80-120
290.    Hamedan Rug / Carpet 204 x 152cm £165-230
291.    Pine 2/3 chest of drawers. 75 x 90 x 45cm £60-80
292.    Victorian mahogany corner wash stand on splayed feet with bottom drawer £40-60
293.    Hamedan carpet. 323 x 140 cm £195-275
294.    Set 6 Mahogany shield back dinning chairs with drop in seats £50-90
295.    Victorian Satinwood Chest of Drawers 2/3 with bun handles 115x110x55cm £95-145
296.    Kordi runner. 263 x 122cm £225-325
297.    Blue covered 4 seater sofa £20-50
298.    Mahogany 2 over 3 chest of drawers. 120 x 118 x 50 £80-120
299.    Mashad carpet. 328 x 250 cm £265-365
300.    Gilt framed overmantle mirror with bevelled glass. 120 x1 05cm £40-60
301.    Carved X frame throne chair £45-65
302.    Art nouveau 2 part pine dresser with brass handles. 206 x 130 x 25cm £90-120
303.    Victorian mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers with bun handles. 103 x 105 x 50cm £100-150
304.    Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with 2 working drawers and turned legs. 75 x 106 x 56cm £50-80
305.    Georgian tip top table with claw feet. 97cm diameter x 77cm £40-60
306.    Large Chippendale style mirror. 140 x 90cm £140-240
307.    Pine 3 drawer single cupboard kitchen unit. 80 x 108 x 48cm £80-120
308.    Danish Skovby metamorphic table and 4 chairs £200-400
309.    Victorian mahogany firescreen with bevelled edge glass and stitch embroidered panel. 108 x 60 x 45cm £80-120
310.    French style ormalu inlaid lacquered bon-jour 80 x 90 x 40cm £80-150
311.    Retro coffee table. 40 x 140 x 80cm £50-90
312.    Victorian gilt bevelled edge oval mirror with original glass 77 x 63cm £30-60
313.    Georgian mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers with brass handles. 80 x 100 x 50cm £100-140
314.    Gilt Chippendale style mirror. 150 x 70cm £150-180
315.    Victorian pine painted chest of 2/3 drawers £80-120
316.    mahogany chest of drawers £10-20
317.    pine pedestal desk £10-20
318.    bamboo table and mahogany dressing mirror £10-20
319.    Gilt bevelled edge mirror £20-30
320.    leather topped writing desk £50-70
321.    Mashad carpet. 390 x 290cm £260-360
322.    Georgian Tray top pot cupboard with drop down front. 85 x 35 x55 cm £40-60
324.    Gilt framed mirror £10-20
325.    Red & Blue Afghan Carpet. 375 x 266cm £55-90